About the Study

The aim of the STRONG Study is to test the efficacy of Aganirsen for the treatment of neovascular glaucoma in about 335 patients thorough a multicentre Phase II trial involving over 30 centres across Europe.

At the same time the STRONG Study aims to study the natural course of the disease, to determine risk factors for the occurrence of neovascular glaucoma and to identify biomarkers that better characterize the course of the disease.

Should results be positive, this would potentially be the first non-invasive treatment for this disease. In addition, so far, the natural cause of CRVO and NVG is still not known in greater enough detail and STRONG will also provide important data on this issue in a significant and well-investigated cohort of patients appropriate for such a rare disease.

By analysing patient data, the time frame of the disease and the optimization of treatment time points are also an objective and are going to be of value to patients in the future. As the detection with today’s clinical standards of the disease is often deferred, there is a need for more sensitive methods. This could be possible with innovative detection methods, e.g. serum-biomarkers. By analysing patient’s samples, it may be possible to detect biomarkers for the earlier stages of the disease as well as detection of patients who are more likely to develop NVG.

For more information review ‘the protocol’.