Treatment Options

Currently, reduction of IOP remains the focus of all therapeutic approaches for all forms of glaucoma, also in Neovascular Glaucoma secondary to ischemic Central retinal vein occlusion (iCRVO). Elevated IOP is a major risk factor in the pathogenesis of optic nerve damage and visual field loss. The higher the IOP is, the greater the likelihood is of having a visual field loss together with optic nerve damage.

The problem is that IOP lowering medications are moderately helpful since outflow is obstructed and the accompanying inflammation and proliferative stimulus lead to a very poor success-rate of fistulating glaucoma surgery, which is helpful in primary open-angle glaucoma. Additionally there are also needs to address the underlying cause of the disease. The common laser treatment (PRP) or cryo-therapy are successful in many cases, but destroy a large area of the retina. Present anti-angiogenic agents such as anti-VEGF require an injection into the eye. Therefore, novel solutions are needed