Participating Centres

Two masked reading centres, and thirty-one clinical sites have been selected for this study in eight countries across Europe: Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK, Hungary, France and Belgium

The coordinating investigator for the countries where there is more than one centre are listed below (France and Belgium have only one site):

  • Germany: Dr. Katrin Lorenz
  • Italy: Prof. Luca Rossetti
  • Portugal: Prof. José Cunha-Vaz
  • Spain: Dr. Salvador Garcia Delpech
  • UK: Dr Jonathan Clarke
  • Hungary: Dr. Facskó Andrea

Evicr.net_Most of these sites are members of EVICR, the European Vision Institute Clinical Research Network, a network of European Ophthalmological Clinical Research Sites, dedicated to perform clinical research in ophthalmology with the highest standards of quality.

EVICR follows the European and International Directives for Clinical Research according to harmonized SOPs in order to strengthen the capacity of the European Union to explore the determinants of ophthalmic diseases and to develop and optimize the use of diagnostic, prevention and treatment strategies in ophthalmology. For more info: